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Paw2Paw Dog Training

Jonna Spiller, the breeder at Gober Goldens, is also a professional dog trainer with her own business called Paw2Paw Dog Training.  Jonna graduated from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy in April of 2021 with Academic Distinction.

Jonna believes with every fiber of her being that there is no greater gift you can give your dog than the gift of training.  As a breeder, Jonna puts hours into socializing and teaching her puppies to get them off to the best possible start.  When puppies go to their new homes, training with their new family begins immediately.

Puppies are in their Critical Socialization Period from 3 – 16 weeks.  There is no more important time in a dog’s life for learning and socialization than this specific time period. It is vital that prospective owners educate themselves on how best to teach their puppy, so that they can go on to live their best possible life.  Jonna has dedicated her life to helping the puppies she raises as well as any many other dogs to become their best possible self and thus bring years of happiness to their families.

Paw2Paw Puppy Courses

When you purchase a puppy from Gober Goldens, as part of the Gober Goldens family, you will automatically receive Jonna’s online puppy courses for FREE.  These include the Pre-Puppy Primer ( a course to help you prepare for getting a puppy) and Puppy Preschool (a course for puppies ages 8-16 weeks of age).

In addition to this, Gober Golden family members also will receive a 50% discount on Jonna’s online Primary School (Basic Manners) course.

You can visit the Paw2Paw website at to check out more details about these courses as well as other training options.

Whether you utilize Paw2Paw as your training resource or not, training your dog in a positive way is not an option, it is a necessity.  Just as you would never dream of leaving your children uneducated, so should you think of your dog.  They deserve our best in order to live their best lives.  They give us so much; let’s make sure we return the favor.