Our Golden Retrievers

We love our Goldens! They’re part of the family and we’re blessed to have them.



Arguably the smartest and most beautiful Golden we’ve ever had, Ellie is the epitome of the classic Golden Retriever. Ellie is always smiling and always eager to please. Most often, she greets you by bringing you a “gift” whether it be a stick, a toy, or just about anything else she can find. Gentle, calm, and extremely obedient, Ellie has the most gorgeous brown eyes that seem to see into your soul. She is loving and loyal… the perfect southern lady!

Ellie is proudly certified as a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International.



Gober Golden Garrick of Nampara is named after the dog in one of our favorite TV shows, Poldark. Garrick is the embodiment of grace, loyalty, and charm. With his stunning red coat and undeniable charisma, this boy captures hearts wherever he goes. Garrick’s handsome features are accentuated through his gentle eyes that gleam with his intelligence.  Garrick is everything you would want in a Golden – gorgeous, smart, athletic, affectionate, and always eager to please.  We love our Garrick!!



Belonging to my parents, Joetta and Happy Wallace, at JHW Ranch Goldens just one mile down the road, this gorgeous boy is well known for his gentle personality and masculine build! Woodrow’s namesake is Texas Ranger Woodrow Call, “Lonesome Dove”character. Woodrow has definitely found his way into the hearts of our entire family.



Our beautiful Lydi was born and raised right here at Gober Goldens.  She is the gorgeous daughter of our very own Ellie Belle and George, Jr.  Lydi has a light golden coat that looks and feels like silk.   In addition, her ears feel as if they are made of velvet.   She inherited the best traits from her mom and dad, having Ellie’s sweet, calm, loving nature and George’s intelligent, playful, and athletic characteristics.  Lydi loves to please, and most of all, she loves our long daily walks across the countryside.



Gober Golden Pretty as a Peach is as gentle and nurturing as she is beautiful. With her glistening blonde coat and her warm personality, Peaches is the perfect representation of the Golden Retriever. She has dark, soulful eyes that exude her kindness and intelligence. Beneath her beauty is a heart overflowing with love and loyalty. When free to roam on our daily walks, she often chooses to stay right by our side, taking every step that we do. Peaches is an extraordinary companion that brings nothing but sunshine and unconditonal love to our lives here at Gober Goldens. She’s certainly “a peach” to us!



Gober Golden Ember of Burning Love is our precious girl that embodies elegance, charm, athleticism, and loyalty. We nicknamed Ember “Heavy Duty Beauty” when she was just a puppy, and it still fits her to a tee.  She has a gorgeous, athletic stature and the perfect blocky head. Those traits combine with a lustrous coat that exudes a rich red hue, reminiscent of a glowing ember, just as her name describes. Ember is the epitome of a loving and devoted Golden, demanding to be the first to receive all the pets when given the opportunity.  We love our magnificent Ember!



Gober Golden Rio Dances on the Sand is a captivating girl whose striking appearance just mirrors her vibrant, outgoing personality.  Rio was born at my parents’ home, JHW Ranch Goldens, right down the road from us.  She is the gorgeous grandaughter of our sweet Ellie Belle and George, Jr. who passed away recently. Rio definitely inherited the best traits from that lineage. She is named after one of our favorite songs from our favorite band, Duran Duran.  Rio is intelligent, curious, and sometimes a bit mischievous, as Goldens can be!  She never tends to meet a stranger, however, and has a gentle and approachable demeanor.  As the song says, “And when she shines, she really shows you all she can.” We love our beautiful Rio!